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Agri-green offers specialized solutions for farmers, private-sector investors,
UN organizations and governments. The company has vast expertise in modern,

sophisticated and highly effective agricultural practices, including:


Staples’ development (wheat, rice, maize, soybean and more) Sustainable
agribusiness in remote locations and extreme conditions

Irrigation system design:

Drip, Low-volume (sprayers) and sprinklers irrigation Mechanized irrigation
(center pivot, linear movement, traveling guns) Gravity irrigation (furrows, basins, borders) 

Evaluation and optimum utilization of water sources:

Rivers hydrology Ground water use, Hydraulic structures and canals, Pumping
and water conveyance Energy utilization in agriculture Waste management for
creating heat sources for agricultural use

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About Agri-green

Latest News 
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#coronavirus didn't stop us

April 20

Even today, when many businesses are forced to reduce their operations, our clients understand that now is the best time to invest in local agriculture. Purchase professional greenhouses, quality equipment and complete training from the Agri-green team.
Today, in mid-April, we're installing four tomato and capsicum greenhouses in Nyansiongo, Kisii county


The Mycoapply is all over Kenya

January 20


Many farmers see this product as a miracle. At first, they don't believe us when we explain to them that this little bag has everything their vegetables and fruits need. We usually run an experiment on half of their field and return to it after two months. Even before we get to the farm, the farmers call us happy, shocked and surprised. The roots in part with the Mycoapply are huge !!! Is that normal? Yes, it's not a miracle, it's perfectly normal and it's Mother Nature who comes to visit you on the farm.


AgriGreen is establishing agricultural projects across Africa & Asia, and today it is one of the leading providers of food security methods, technology and education in East Africa and Kenya in particular.

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