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About Agri-Green

Learn more about us, the way we see agriculture, food security, women and youth empowerment, Next-generation Farmers' advanced kit, the mycoapply revolution, The Ag-Ducation program-creating the agriculture educators of the future and more. 
Our Company

AgriGreen is establishing agricultural projects across Africa & Asia, and today it is one of the leading providers of food security methods, technology and education in East Africa and Kenya in particular.


AgriGreen’s ability to tailor agricultural solutions to the customer’s needs, a government or a small farmers organization, is the result of more than 40 years of experience, but mostly it's our power of will and the belief in what we are doing.


AgriGreen planes, establish and operate multinational projects, where all aspects of food security are being covered. Education, planning and operating, utilizing new technologies and producing crops.

We believe that growing crops without having the ability to market them is useless, that is why we accompany our farmers from the development stage, through the market planning and to the sale itself, all in a unique model developed by us, and successfully tried in the past.

Our company is active in many locations across Africa, where you can find our high-quality teams, all professional and loyal to the company's goals, which are first and foremost, to help you grow and succeed.

Our Vision

We believe that professional training, along with quality materials and equipment, can turn almost anyone with a passion and vision into a successful farmer. One who knows and manages to grow quality merchandise and also markets it at a profitable price.

We see Kenya, as well as African in general, a perfect place to develop an outstanding agricultural industry that does not harm the environment and provides food security work for its people.

Quality Service

Quality service, professional consultants who answer your questions patiently, provide the best advice and allow you to grow and succeed, all of which are part of our vision for better service to farmers in Kenya and East Africa in general.

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