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Mycorrhizal Applications formulated the MycoApply® line of professional mycorrhizal products to boost the performance and vitality of your plants, maximize the diversity of plant species that can benefit from this technology, and provide unsurpassed value that translates into a favorable return on your investment.
Tested & Succeeded in Kenya
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In 2017, we brought Mycoapply to Kenya after we received all the permits and started experimenting statewide. We have tried this wonderful material for coffee and flower growers, vegetables and avocado trees, wheat and maize growers, all of whom have undoubtedly determined that this is almost divine material that has often saved crops in a drought or made them especially fertile at regular times, more than any other competitor.

And most importantly, it is not about genetic engineering or chemical, but a completely natural material, a fungus that is created in nature and helps it become more effective.

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