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From the original Farmers Kit inventor- Yariv Kedar, comes THE KEDAR ADVANCED FARMERS KIT, a smart and professional farming system, without the need for big and expensive equipment but with all the benefits of the most professional and expensive greenhouses used by the biggest farm owners today.
How so become
a successful farmer
This it how it works

THE KEDAR ADVANCED FARMERS KIT provides a holistic capacity building approach that entails Israeli modern farming technologies and techniques.

KEDAR G.A.P provides the 3 pillars needed for success; the ‘Know How’ that entails the training, ‘Do How’ that entails actual farming guidance and quality inputs.

This enables almost everyone to grow their very own nutritious food, have surplus for sale and become mentors amongst their communities.

THE KEDAR ADVANCED FARMERS KIT comprises of a greenhouse, drip irrigation (500m), hybrid seeds, agrochemicals, fertilizers, nursery set, knapsack sprayer, personal protective equipment and training material.

THE KEDAR ADVANCED FARMERS KIT fits for professional farmers but also for beginners, large or small scale farmers, variant kinds of crops and most important, it's easy to operate.

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Yariv Kedar

Yariv Kedar, a graduate of the Hebrew University's Faculty of Agriculture with a master's degree and agronomist, brings with him decades of agricultural knowledge, most of them in huge developing countries such as Brazil and Kenya. In the past, Yariv served as marketing director of international corporations such as Makhteshim Agan and Balton, which has been operating in African countries for decades. Today, Kedar serves as chair of the prominent agricultural project

company across Africa.









Kedar is known primarily as the inventor of one of the most effective and sophisticated ways to combat poverty and hunger, The Farmer's Kit provides a simple and intelligent system for creating efficient and profitable agricultural activities. For the development of the system, he has received numerous awards including UN awards, awards from women's organizations for promoting women's empowerment in Africa as well as awards from government and private aid organizations.



despite being relatively small and easy to assemble, has a special turret (roof) that allows better ventilation that maintains the level of humidity inside the greenhouse, just as is the case in much larger greenhouses, which prevents the proliferation of harmful pesticides. In addition, THE KEDAR ADVANCED FARMERS KIT screens have been designed with vents that allow the heat to easily get out and maintain a balanced climate.


THE KEDAR ADVANCED FARMERS KIT is equipped with smart joints designed and manufactured specifically for the KEDAR MULTI KIT, enabling faster assembly and disassembly, as well as being stronger and more durable than today's common used joints.


THE KEDAR ADVANCED FARMERS KIT is larger than the average greenhouse sold in African countries and it is 10 * 15 square meters in size, the new size allows for every farmer to grow 16% more agricultural produce from each greenhouse.


Our polyethylene sheets are of higher quality. higher UV resistance and IR protected and with additional protection against fog allowing optimum light penetration into the greenhouse.


THE KEDAR ADVANCED FARMERS KIT was designed by an Israeli team, engineers with extensive experience in designing agricultural facilities, including huge greenhouses around the world.

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